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Simple Yet Effective way to relieve neck tension! 
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Simple Yet Effective - Helps in relieving neck and shoulder stress
Surprisingly convenient- Take it with you, anywhere you go! Made with soft squishy plush material to give you the highest of relief.
Relieve Tension & Stress-  Helps to restore issues associated with tension & stress.
Durable & Sturdy - Dense and soft foam design provides sturdy, lightweight, and a comfortable base for proper alignment  
Why You Need Our Chironeck!
✔️ Convenient 
✔️Fast & effective
✔️Stretch your neck after a long day
✔️Amazing design
✔️Durable quality

Q: Is it soft? A: Yes! Our Chironeck is very soft and firm 
Q: How is the refund? A: All orders can be canceled before 24 hours!
Q: How fast is shipping? A: 7-15 Business days
Q: Can I take it with me? A: Yes! Our Chironeck is very Portable! Take it with you anywhere!